RAS technical guidance

RAS farms are increasingly being introduced all over the world for the farming of a variety of aquatic species in more controlled settings. These intensive, usually indoor, tank-based systems deploy precise environmental controls to grow-out fish and shrimp within their normal climatic range, thereby allowing operators to prioritise production goals linked to market, regulatory parameters and resource availability.  

The technology incorporated into RAS allows for close supervision of waste and effluents, while tighter control over water quality and the isolation from external biological and environmental challenges can help produce healthier aquatic species. At the same time, RAS provides the opportunity to greatly enhance feed management and the scope to promote consistent growth rates throughout the production cycles to market size.  

As part of Skretting’s longstanding commitment to support this rapidly growing land-based aquaculture sector, our ambitious research and innovation teams are continuously working on new solutions and products aimed at meeting the growing needs of our RAS customers worldwide.  

RCX - certified quality

One of our most recent innovations for the RAS segment is our RCX concept. RCX builds upon our previous market-leading range,RC, but goes further by ensuring consistent structural integrity through a certified quality assessment.  

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Saravanan Subramanian and Stuart Fyfe

In addition to our focus on developing high-quality feeds and services, we actively seek to assist our customers with their RAS production. To ensure that all of our RAS-specific feeds continue to advance farm productivity and cost-efficiency, we have integrated powerful model-based testing, which provide valuable parameters and predictive tools for comparing its feeds and production practices across batches. Furthermore, through our tailored suite of AquaSim management tools, RAS producers can receive recommendations on the most cost-effective stocking patterns, feed selection and feeding strategy to help them to realise their production targets.

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RAS Lerang

Sample the technical guidance

Our RAS technical guidance aims to help our new and existing customers navigate potential issues with RAS and to also provide an easy, up-to-date way to access public information from a variety of sources. 

We focus on the four main pillars of our RecircReady concept:

  1. Feed Solutions
  2. Growth and Waste modelling
  3. Fish and System Health 
  4. Nutrient Recycling 

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Our extended RAS capabilities are also supported by a global network of Skretting RAS research units, each with an explicit focus area, which is expected to prove invaluable in servicing RAS customers. This network includes a state-of-the-art Recirculation Hall at Skretting ARC’s Lerang Research Station in Norway, which comprises 12 independent systems, allowing us to conduct trials not only on the feed, but also on the systems themselves.  

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