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13-15 June 2022, Stavanger, Norway

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Conference program and speakers

Joseph Stiglitz

Keynote speaker

AquaVision organisers are pleased to announce that Professor Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist, will be keynote speaker at AquaVision 2022.  

Your AquaVision hosts

Monday 13 June

- 20:00 Welcome reception

Tuesday 14 June

- 08:00 Conference registration

- 09:00 Conference opening

- 09:35 Share the vision

- 13:45  Navigate the future (ends 17:00)

- 13:45 Keynote Joseph Stiglitz

- 19:00 Conference dinner

Detailed program

Share the vision

There is a perfect storm brewing in aquaculture. Meet the visionary leaders from the industry and get the insights from the people who are leading the global blue revolution.

In this session you will hear about sustainable feed ingredients, bluehouse farming in North America, offshore aquaculture in Norway, shrimp farming in South America, and the growth potential for aquaculture in Africa.

Sustainable global growth in aquaculture is our common goal.



Wednesday 15 June

- 09:00 Expand the possibilities

- 12:20 Closing remarks

- 12:30 Lunch 

Detailed program

Expand the possibilities

Entrepreneurs are initiators, challengers and drivers. In this session, some of the most innovative start-up companies in aquaculture share their passion for technology that can disrupt the industry and expand the possibilities for growth.

Setting the standards for sustainable aquaculture genetics and improved farming with artificial intelligence are two topics that will also be highlighted in this session. 


Join us in Stavanger, Norway!

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