The world business conference on aquaculture

Convening again in Stavanger, Norway, June 2024

Ragnhild Dragøy holds a PhD in Chemistry from Tufts University and a MBA in sustainable innovation from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Ragnhild has previously worked as a research director within Marine Biotechnology and has also worked in academia and in a start-up. She has been a mentor in acceleration programs and has held several board positions. She is currently the chair of a biotech research foundation program. In Aker BioMarine she works with sustainability coupling innovation and RnD with sustainable business.  

All speakers

Christoph Mathiesen
Darian McBain
Emily de Sousa
Fulco van Lede
Gabriel Luna
Hermang Rishi
Jamie Woodruff
Joosu Kuivanen
Joseph Stiglitz
Justyna Andrysiak
Ken Hughes
Kristine Hartmann
Kunal Choudhary
Lauran Madden
Manoj Sharma
Matts Johansen
Ragnhild Dragøy
Robert van den Breemer
Simon Moriarty
Solveig van Nes
Therese Log Bergjord
Winnie Ouku