The world business conference on aquaculture

Convening again in Stavanger, Norway, June 2024

Winnie Ouko is the founder and CEO of Lattice Consulting (Nairobi) in partnership with Larive International (bv), a business advisory firm energised by the desire to see businesses and their employees grow and thrive. In her 29-year experience spanning Africa, Europe and the US, she has had experience providing leadership in many capacities in governance and leadership development, strategy advisory, corporate finance and business coaching. Over the years, she has supported numerous CEOs, board members and leadership teams to power organisational growth and drive sustainable impact.

All speakers

Christoph Mathiesen
Darian McBain
Emily de Sousa
Fulco van Lede
Gabriel Luna
Hermang Rishi
Jamie Woodruff
Joosu Kuivanen
Joseph Stiglitz
Justyna Andrysiak
Ken Hughes
Kristine Hartmann
Kunal Choudhary
Lauran Madden
Manoj Sharma
Matts Johansen
Ragnhild Dragøy
Robert van den Breemer
Simon Moriarty
Solveig van Nes
Therese Log Bergjord
Winnie Ouku