Do the feeds contain growth hormones or antibiotics?

Skretting feeds do not contain any antibiotics unless specifically prescribed by a registered veterinarian for treating a specific disease. No growth hormones are used. Medicated feeds can only be given via a prescription from a veterinarian.


The Chilean salmon industry has long been criticised for its extensive use of antibiotics. In recent years, growing pressure from governments and consumers has resulted in a strong industry focus to reduce antibiotics. This has led to the development of many useful innovations and to overcome this challenge, Skretting initiated the Pincoy Project in 2016 to bring together industry partners from various stages in the Chilean salmon production chain to find a holistic solution. Participants include Skretting, AquaGen/Blue Genomics, Pharmaq, Centrovet, Cermaq, Blumar and Ventisqueros. The project aims to halve the use of antibiotics on pilot farms by the end of 2018.

If we focus on Norway, out of the total market for antibiotics, human consumption comprises 88%, treating terrestrial animals 11%, and farmed fish 1%. This in spite of only 300 000 tonnes (2015) of meat being produced in Norway, compared to 1.2 million tonnes farmed fish. 

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