How is Skretting contributing to feeding a growing global population?

Skretting's mission is 'Feeding the Future', and we are committed to supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry as the world population continues to grow. Skretting delivers safe and sustainable feeds and services worldwide to fish and shrimp farmers to ensure the responsible production of healthy and delicious fish and shrimp. Aquaculture has tremendous potential to grow, and already provides over 50% of the seafood we eat.

Over half of global population growth in the coming years is likely to occur in Africa. Skretting is actively supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry in Africa, and is committed to ensuring that safe, high quality and sustainable feeds and seafood are available for the world.

An example of how Skretting is actively contributing is through our Community Development Projects in Nigeria and Zambia. These projects are about empowering small-scale farmers to run productive and profitable farms in a sustainable way, through support and education in the initial phases.

Skretting’s consistent and ever-evolving R&D efforts ensure that we are also minimising our use of finite raw materials, such as fish meal and fish oil. In fact, in 2017, Skretting launched MicroBalance Infinity – a concept proving that a salmon can be grown from 1kg to harvest using zero fish meal or fish oil. The MicroBalance concept was launched in 2010 when Skretting was first able to reduce fish meal in our feeds without negatively impacting the health and performance of the fish, and continues to be pivotal in expanding our knowledge in other species. 

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