How much feed is needed to grow a farmed fish?

Fish are actually the most efficient animal to produce, as the feed conversion ratio (FCR) is so low. The FCR is the amount of feed an animal needs to gain one kilogram of body weight.

Through a comprehensive understanding of the specific nutritional needs, Atlantic salmon is currently the most efficient animal to produce, with the lowest FCR. Typically Atlantic salmon need 1.15 kg feed to gain 1 kg body weight. Pigs needs more than twice as much food as the salmon to gain 1 kg, while sheep needs to eat almost six times as much.

Fish also has a high harvest yield in comparison with other farmed animals. Harvest yield is the percentage of the animal left after the inedible portion has been removed. Salmon differs from other terrestrial animals with a yield of 86%. Chicken in comparison has a harvest yield of just 47%.

Feed conversion ratio for farmed fish vs farmed land animalsFeed conversion ratio illustration


Harvest yield for farmed fish vs farmed land animalsHarvest yield illustration

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