Is one feed enough for all fish?

Fish, like humans, depend on a nutritionally balanced diet in the form of protein, fat, carbohydrate and added vitamins and minerals, to meet their needs throughout their life cycle. 

Skretting feeds are formulated for

  • species
  • lifecycle (eg smolt or grower)
  • diet preference (eg carnivorous, herbivorous)
  • environment (eg saltwater, freshwater, tropical, temperate)
  • type of farm (eg sea pens, ponds, land-based recirculation facilities)

Continuous R&D is essential to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs throughout the life cycle of different species. For example a juvenile, carnivorous Atlantic salmon being raised in a freshwater, land-based hatchery until it reaches 200g in size requires a high protein feed to meet its rapid growth requirements, while a harvest size Atlantic salmon (4-5kg) raised in a sea pen requires a feed with less protein and more fat compared to a juvenile. This is because an adult salmon doesn’t require as much protein for growth, but is able to use more energy from fat in its diet.

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