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Precision farming in practice

Based upon appraisals of the farming environment and each farm's production targets, we provide
a number of recommendations, including the most cost-effective stocking patterns, feed selection 
and feeding strategy to enable farmers to achieve their desired results.

The innovative precision aquaculture concept "Skretting 360+" maximizes the hectare / day utility.

Skretting Ecuador has a long-term commitment to ensure that the shrimp industry sustainably increases its production and at the same time reduces its exposure to risk. To empower shrimp farmers and minimise costs, Skretting Ecuador launched Skretting 360+, a concept that has been shown to significantly increase the profitability of crops.

Skretting 360+ is a complete package of innovative tools based on precision; that incorporates precision feeding, crop management and proactive technical support; all delivered through the already successful Skretting application, AquaSim.

Skretting 360+ provides a comprehensive view of the business, and gives farmers full control of the production cycle. The development process began 20 years ago, when Skretting generated growth models for salmon and other fish species: the original AquaSim.

In the last 5 years, Skretting has been developing the concept for shrimp based on research, experimentation and validation.

Skretting Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) has a team specialised in shrimp research located in Norway. Tests were carried out at the research station in Hezhoubei, China. Validation tests were also carried out at the Validation Station (SVS) in Ecuador. Field testing, under different conditions and challenges, has taken place in Ecuador and Vietnam.

Skretting 360+ allows the shrimp farmer to have his entire farm in his hands. In this way, you have the ability to compare the performance of each cycle and manage the customised feed / harvest predictions for each pond. The collection of essential data, in real time, allows teams to take preventive and proactive measures, in order to help clients obtain the maximum value of their farm, in a sustainable and profitable way.

"We can not do this without the commitment of our customers," says Carlos Miranda, CEO of Skretting Latin America.

"The future is in our hands and the opportunity is now."


Shrimp farmers using Skretting 360+

Shrimp farm