Tuna feed for the future

Now available in Japan, MaGro is a soft extruded feed for bluefin tuna that has been created using patented production technology. MaGro is our soft extruded pellet, and unique in Skretting. The pellet can be squashed, without breaking. Due to this unique soft texture tuna easily accept the diet.

Tuna eating MaGro

The high nutrient density in MaGro means that the feed conversion ratio (FCR) is about 1/3 of feeding with baitfish. The formulation is also very consistent, comprising fully-traceable ingredients, whereas the nutritional profile of baitfish can fluctuate dramatically depending on the species used, when and where it was caught, and the storage system. Baitfish also needs to be frozen. The practical, easy-to-use format of MaGro means that farmers can utilise semi-automatic “canon” feeding systems, supporting much more efficient, cost-effective production, while also diminishing water pollution.

Growth performance when feeding with MaGro is similar to baitfish during summer conditions, and higher during winter conditions. This makes MaGro the most cost effective way of feeding your tuna. 


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