Optimised nutrition for Rainbow trout

(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The lifecycle of trout


Females are able to produce up to 2,000 eggs/kg of body weight. Eggs are relatively large in diameter (3-7 mm).


After reaching a weight of about 0,2 gram, the fry starts to eat dry pellet feed, and grows quickly.


The fingerling develops dark spots in the skin (parr markings) and is still adapted to a fresh water existence.

Fresh water grower

Trout is harvested around 8 months, at a pan size of 500g. 

Salt water grower

Rainbow trout is called steelhead trout when it's produced in salt water. Harvest weight is typically 4.5kg. 

Skretting Premium benefits for trout

Research finds that the effect of Premium is even stronger on trout.

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Active nutrition

Each feed has to suit fish species, size, biology, environment and health, as well as take economy into account.

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Optimise with AquaSim

We have the tools that combine biology, farm economy and fish quality, providing options to reduce production costs and improve farm performance.

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