Optimised nutrition for shrimp

(Litopenaeus vannamei & Penaeus monodon)

The lifecycle of shrimp


10-11 days

The production of shrimp larvae is done in a hatchery. After hatching, Penaeid shrimp go through nauplii (six stages), zoea (three stages), and mysis (three stages). During these stages the shrimp go through physical and ontogenic changes (mainly on digestive physiology level) and have specific nutritional requirements. 

Post larvae

10-12 days

During this stage, the digestive organs of the shrimp are complete. In the wild, shrimp migrate from pelagic to benthic environments and continue their development. The stocking of post larvae can be done in nursery ponds or directly in grow-out ponds. Feeding as well as quality and handling of post-larvae are critical for successful grow out. 

Juvenile & adult

During the grow out phase, nutrition and feeding needs are tailor made according to the specificity of the rearing systems to optimise the growth rate and support the health of the animals. In addition, constant attention needs to be given to the rearing system itself.


When the shrimp reach bigger sizes, some will be selected as broodstock (the animals will be used for reproduction). During the maturation period, precise nutrition is essential for biosecurity and to optimise the spawning of the females and produce eggs and sperm of high quality. 

Creating success together

The close relation between Skretting and fish and shrimp farmers helps the farmers achieve their goals. Watch our video from shrimp farming in Vietnam.

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AquaSim - digital solutions to enable precision farming

Combining biology, quality and economics, our robust set of innovative AquaSim management tools give qualified references through which aquaculture farmers can calculate expected farm performance. AquaSim is well established for many species of fish and shrimp, and can help farmers further optimise production.

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