Research and focus on shrimp feed efficiency

The correct selection and management of quality raw materials is one of our main promises, accompanied by an efficient production process. Under this concept Skretting have developed high-performance extruded diets to low density diets, which allow our company to serve a diversity of clients by formulating specific needs of each segment.

The continuous improvement of specialized diets based on requirements of shrimp cycle of life; in addition to high nutrition efficiency for different culture conditions are decisive factors that companies like Skretting makes available to the market.

Our commitment with the shrimp producer is continue nutritional research and feed management solutions that will increase productivity in all shrimp phases of farming in order to have a high quality product that meets global demand.

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Research & innovation

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) is the global research organisation for Skretting. Our industry-leading team of scientists and experts deliver innovations that define and support the progress of aquaculture.

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