Optimised nutrition for tilapia

(Orechromis niloticus)

The lifecycle of Tilapia


When tilapia eggs hatch, the larvae rely on the yolk sac to provide the nutritional needs before they begin feeding.


In nature, a constant feed supply is not guaranteed, and many fry die. In hatcheries however, sufficient amounts of high quality starter feeds can be continuously supplied, providing all fry with an equal opportunity to feed, ensuring a very high survival rate.


Tilapia are still vulnerable at this life stage; small in size and not completely developed physiologically. The immune system is still in its infancy, and vaccination and transfer from hatchery to nursery sites can cause stress.


Tilapia are now fully developed. As females tend to grow less well and mature early, industry practice is to use all-male populations. Optimal nutrition for the right size fed at the right time is key to maximize growth and feed efficiency. Optimal farming conditions contribute to better performance and survival.

Optimised feed for life start

Early nutrition is essential for life performance. Nutra is based on optimal particle size and the specific nutritional requirements for each life stage of tilapia from egg to fingerling, ensuring efficient feeding from the very start. Setting your fish up for life.


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Tilapia nutrient requirements

Basic tilapia nutrition research has to start to establish the nutrient requirements for the different life stages. It is a prerequisite for formulating cost-effective diets.

Research & Innovation in Skretting

Raw material evaluations

Tilapia has a stomach with a low pH and a very long intestinal tract enabling good digestibility of a large variety of raw materials. This allows us to make use of locally available raw materials and byproducts in feed production.


Creating a sustainable base for feed

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