Nutreco raises US$ 100,000 for Ecuador

19 September 2016

After the powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Ecuador mid-April, Nutreco started a world-wide fundraising initiative to donate on a voluntary basis. An amount of US$ 100,000 has been raised to support the affected people and areas where the earthquake hit.

The donation is split equally to two charities. These are the Archdiocese of Portoviejo and the Manabí Red Cross. The first on has been delivered through the Ecuadorian Chamber of Aquaculture and Skretting,  and the second project will be handled in the same way.

Skretting's Carlos Miranda hands over the donation

The CNA is a private, non-political institution. Skretting Ecuador is a member of CNA and Carlos Miranda, the General Manager in Ecuador, acts as its first vice-president.

The Archidiocese of Portoviejo, has implemented the proyect of rebuilding the school and asylum of the Community ‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’ where its structures where destroyed by the earthquake.

The Ecuadorian Red Cross, together with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is involved in a large portion of the earthquake-affected areas with the distribution of needed humanitarian aid and the provision of comprehensive health care.

Now four months later, the affected population still has needs and others have emerged with the passing of time. Led by the Ecuadorian Red Cross, IFRC continues to work together to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable sectors of society, particularly in locations in which few other humanitarian organisations are working.


Rebuilding of a school

The canton Jama in Ecuador was hit very hard by the earthquake last April. Almost all houses were destroyed, there was no drinking-water, electricity nor telephone. Before the earthquake, the Church Community 'Nuestra Señora del Carmen' took care of the daily care and education of about one hundred 4 to 6 year old children, who otherwise would have to go to work with their parents to the tasks of aquaculture and agriculture production, risking their health and losing this opportunity of early matrix and cognitive stimulation. The buildings used for this initiative were also completely destroyed by the earthquake.


The church community under the supervision of the Archbishop of Portoviejo has started to rebuild their social, educational, sanitary and religious structures. By doing so, they also provide paid work to the people who have lost their job.

Nutreco has decided to contribute USD 50,000 to the reconstruction of their school.

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