Empowering small-scale tilapia farmers in Zambia

10 August 2018

Skretting continues its support for aquaculture growth in Africa with the latest community development project underway in Zambia set to improve the livelihoods of tilapia farmers.

The latest project for Skretting is located in the Mpulungu region in the north of Zambia. Forty five farmers are participating in the project of which 44% are women. This project was initiated in 2017 and officially launched in late July this year. “For a long time, farmers in Zambia have had the challenge of getting good quality fingerlings and good quality feed for farmers,” says Jurre Zaal, General Manager Skretting Zambia. “Skretting is happy to fill that gap and provide farmers with the Skretting feed and services that they need through initiatives like this community development project.”

Community development in ZambiaCreating shared value

Empowering small-scale farmers to run productive and profitable farms is vital if we are to feed the future in a sustainable way, and Skretting is well-placed to assist with the transfer of knowledge and expertise to these groups.

Through community development projects, Skretting wants to create shared value – both economic value and value for society by addressing its needs and challenges. In essence, Skretting’s community development projects help to secure both social and economic value, while driving innovation and supporting the long-term prosperity of the communities in which we operate, as well as our industry.

Addressing local challenges

The latest community development project will help local Zambian small-scale farmers increase their livelihoods and income by sustainably producing tilapia. “Quality feed, quality fingerlings and technical service will accelerate fish farming projects in the province and address some of the major challenges for fish farmers,” said Ramans Kayumu, Provincial Fisheries Officer from the Zambian Ministry of Fisheries at the launch event.

The launch attendees included representatives from the Zambian Ministry of Fisheries and the Misanfu Research Institute as well as WorldFish and of course farmers. One of these was Lwao Mutale, who said that the support for small-scale farmers will enhance the production of fish in the region. Farmers will be preparing their ponds throughout August to be ready to stock fingerlings in September.

The event was covered by Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS).

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