Skretting wins global contract to supply Atlantic Sapphire in Denmark and USA

26 November 2019

WaterSkretting announces today that it has won the contract to supply Atlantic Sapphire with majority volumes from November 2019. The contract covers the majority of Atlantic Sapphire’s feed requirement in Denmark and the USA. 

On the contract decision, Johan Andreassen, CEO of Atlantic Sapphire says “Skretting has demonstrated a strong R&D foundation, and that was a key decision making factor for us. We are excited to work in partnership to develop a salmon feed optimised for our Bluehouse technology.”

“We are committed to providing Atlantic Sapphire with the very best, and this commitment extends beyond delivering optimised feed,” says Evy Vikene, Skretting Commercial Director. 

"Through Skretting’s RecircReady concept, Atlantic Sapphire will receive access to unrivalled support and service covering feed quality, monitoring, feeding, and technical expertise for optimal success and RAS feed efficiency,” continues Vikene.

Skretting has implemented global RAS quality standards for a new range of feed products – collectively called RCX - dedicated for production in RAS. This novel product range will be utilised to minimise the risk to water quality and filter loading of Atlantic Sapphire’s large-scale grow out facilities. 

Further, Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) has dedicated RAS R&D facilities around the world, in addition to a dedicated expert R&D team to provide essential inputs. Skretting launched the first global RAS feed in 2009, and holds two proprietary solutions crucial to optimising feed for RAS. 

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