Optiline shrimp

Why is the concept important?

Skretting aims to optimise the use of resources by knowing the content of the raw materials, the nutritional needs of the animal and feeding management.

Optiline relies on two strong pillars: extensive knowledge on nutrient requirements for shrimp and the optimisation of raw materials inclusion. As such, Optiline has important implications on sustainability enabling us to formulate the feed to a specific value, thus increasing efficiency and minimising negative environmental impacts.

The benefit

In addition to controlling the efficiency of utilising specific nutrients, the combination of high-specification nutrition such as Optiline with the application of optimal feeding allows to reduce the feed conversion ratio (FCR) by improving feed intake while supporting increased growth and survival.

As a Nutreco company our vision is feeding the future. This means that particularities of shrimp farming in the different regions of the world are integrated in order to provide tailor-made feed solutions that always aim at healthy animal welfare, sustainable high quality farming and sustainable high quality end product. Thanks to our customer services and modelling tools (AquaSim), we can support the farmers with better control during the production cycle and better feed management (which feed, when, how). This is under continuous development and will be key to reach higher growth in a shorter time while preserving environmental balance.

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AquaSim is Skretting's modelling tool that allows farmers to forecast how fish and shrimp will perform in their surrounding conditions, with cost-benefit evaluations of different farming situations.

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