The fine art of protection

Protec is a result of more than 20 years of research. The diet helps support skin, intestine and gills. Protec supports the immune system, adds building blocks for new cells and increases the level of antioxidants. Documentation shows that Protec supports fish in meeting with viruses, parasites and pathogenic bacteria. 

Protec is available for 25 species; a selection of these are shown below. 






The gills comprise a large surface area of delicate cells that play a crucial role for the fish’s respiration, osmoregulation and excretion. Protec supports immunity of the gills and aids mucous cell recovery.


The skin with its mucus layer provides both a physical barrier and is a crucial component of immune defences. The skin faces a number of challenges including bacteria, parasites, chemicals and physical trauma. Protec further supports the skin’s natural functions, defences and healing processes.


Even though the gut is located within the fish, it can be considered an external barrier. The gut can be damaged by pathogenic, chemical, traumatic or environmental stress. Protec improves gut structure, and through this assists digestive functions and resilience to pathogens.


The immune system

Fish possess complex immune mechanisms. The defences can be challenged by infectious agents, trauma and environmental stress. Protec supports the critical processes of the immune system.

Cell regeneration

Metabolic and immune processes demand high turnover of cells. Protec provides building blocks for new cells which are necessary for optimal fish health.


Unregulated cellular defence processes can lead to tissue damage through oxidative stress and uncontrolled inflammation. Protec supplies antioxidants to counter excessive oxidation and supports innate fish defences.



Despite their tiny dimensions, viruses pose one of the greatest threats to fish health. Among the thousands of described viruses, many exist in aquatic systems where they can infect fish. Protec has been formulated to favour fish in their delicate balance with viruses.


Parasites have always been part of the natural environment and can evade fish defence mechanisms. Protec supports immunological and structural mechanisms to tip the balance in favour of the fish in their battle with parasites.


Bacteria are always present both in the water surrounding fish and within their intestines. While some cause disease, others are crucial for fish welfare. Protec supports the balance between fish and these populations.

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