Vitalis 2.5

Maximum vitality for offspring

Vitalis 2.5 is a standardised maturation diet for broodstock shrimp that allows the production of equal quality nauplii at every spawn.


Vitalis shrimp illustration


Vitalis 2.5 contains a specific combination of natural functional ingredients that enhance the immune system, strengthening the shrimp against disease and fortifying it for transfers and handling.


Feeding with Vitalis 2.5 provides the ability to produce nauplii with equal quality day after day, resulting in superior simplification of broodstock management.

Low biosecurity risk

Vitalis 2.5 is an innovative broodstock rearing strategy that minimises the use of fresh diets while enhancing offspring production.This means that many of the transmissible disease challenges can be avoided.

Physical quality

Better health and water quality

Vitalis 2.5 has been shown to be highly attractive to shrimp, and has contributed positively to overall health of broodstock thanks to better water quality in the maturation tanks.

Sophisticated production

Vitalis 2.5 is a cold extruded semi-soft pellet which is 2.5mm in diameter and approximately 5mm in length. The diet is a soft but highly stable sinking pellet which does not degrade in the water.

Feeding recommendations