Innovations in fish and shrimp feed

Skretting ARC's ultimate goal is to see research implemented into innovative and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry, whether in the form of products, methodologies or manufacturing improvements.

Advanced products & concepts in aquafeed


Today, Skretting is the market leader for diets specifically designed for recirculating aquaculture systems. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are land-based aquaculture facilities that reuse water by cycling it through a filtration system so it can be used again.

About RAS


Infinity encompasses MicroBalance®, MicroBalance FLX and N3, and is about the right nutrients, not specific raw materials. This allows us to replace feed raw materials without impacting performance, welfare or fish quality, providing unprecedented formulation flexibility and enabling salmon farmers to produce more from less in a sustainable way.

About Infinity

Prime & Express

Prime & Express are the next generation of feeds for post-transfer salmon. Skretting’s new grower salmon feeds enable a shorter production time in the sea, without compromising final product quantity or quality.

About Prime & Express


HT counteracts the appetite and growth rate reductions that fish experience during summer conditions, when water temperatures exceed 15°C.



Lorica is the most advanced functional health feed for shrimp, and is designed to strenghten the shrimp before and during environmental and bacterial challenges.

About Lorica


Protec is our functional feed for farmed fish that helps shield skin, gut and gills. It also supports the immune system, provides the building blocks for new cells and optimises the balance between fish, microbes and environment. 

About Protec


GEMMA Micro is a specifically formulated diet that facilitates the early weaning of marine fish larvae.


Precision farming

NIR for quality control

NIR is an effective and efficient technology for ensuring quality control. Near-infrared reflectance (NIR) calibrations have been established for most of the raw materials that we source. 

About NIR


AquaSim is Skretting's modelling tool that allows farmers to forecast how fish and shrimp will perform in their surrounding conditions and to give cost-benefit evaluations of many farming situations.

About AquaSIM
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