Microbalance FLX: A step change in fish feed sustainability

Full flexibility - same performance

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC) has devoted significant resources over the past three decades to exploring the potential for alternative raw materials to replace traditional marine-based feed components, while ensuring the final fish and shrimp products retain the eating and nutritional qualities that consumers expect. Aligned with this ambition, one of our biggest sustainability objectives has been to develop the  capability to become independent of fishmeal. MicroBalance FLX  was launched in 2016.

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Microbalance® FLX is about the right nutrients,
not specific raw materials

MicroBalance FLX is an innovative concept in sustainability that can be applied to all Skretting feed products. It is a formula that allows us to regulate the amount of fishmeal, or other ingredients, without compromising on the nutritional value of the feed.

High fish meal diet                               Low fish meal diet

Raw material freedom gives us:

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Delivering total performance through optimised growth and health in a sustainable way.

MicroBalance FLX has been made possible through progressive and extensive research at
Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre (ARC).