Skretting Chile will launch Young Industry Professionals program

21 November 2018

The initiative is aimed at summoning the young talents of the companies in the sector, so that they are the ones who deliver their vision of aquaculture with a view to 2030.

Skretting Chile decided to promote the Young Industry Professionals program because there is a need to take a young and innovative look at the challenges of the industry. Specialised talents, a more sustainable industry, positioning aquaculture careers as a professional choice and strengthening our activities as an agent for regional and national development are key for this program, which is sponsored by Hendrix Genetics and Lucta.

The initiative will kick off in late November with a full-day workshop in Puerto Varas. Each company was invited to select two representatives between the ages 25 and 35 years old. In total, about 40 young leaders will participate.

"The initiative stemmed from the call made at AquaVision 2018, when we were invited to re-start the Blue Revolution, to face the current challenges of the industry. From the concrete ideas of that meeting, we wanted to take up the challenge of bringing together young talents, so that they - with a fresh view - can give us their vision of this industry. We believe that this activity will allow us to put the different needs of the aquaculture industry in the country on the table, in an environment of collaboration and innovation, and from the perspective of the new generations,"says Ronald Barlow, General Manager Skretting Chile.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Hendrix Genetics and Lucta -companies that were also sponsors of AquaVision, it is expected that from now and for the coming years, this initiative will generate a collective of young thinking that will little by little begin to revolutionise the industry, giving new airs to aquaculture in Chile.

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