Key stakeholders in our ongoing commitment to aquafeed sustainability


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Our customers are companies that produce aquaculture species typically for human consumption as seafood. Our company provides technical assistance through our service team and customer events. Information is made available via our website, customer magazines and we facilitate engagement through global forums, meetings and site visits.

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Skretting's Employees

Our people are important to us. Our company has many programmes to ensure personal development opportunities and a safe and healthy work environment. Feedback from staff is obtained through annual climate surveys and annual performance reviews. We have regular business updates and our internal webpages “Nutranet” provides regular update of events.

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As a division of Nutreco, we contribute to annual performance objectives and targets. We engage with Nutreco through our intranet and internal newsletters and relevant updates are often communicated through press releases. The major forum for engaging on sustainability issues is the biennial AquaVision conference.

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Our Suppliers

Our procurement department is actively engaged with our raw materials suppliers on a daily basis. We also have strategic engagement activities and workshops with suppliers and potential suppliers to identify opportunities or improvements within the supply chain. Suppliers are also invited to take part in the AquaVision conference.

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Aquafeed Industry associations and researchers

Being the link between raw material supply and customer demand, we are engaged with stakeholders as industry advisors or particpants in applied research often through active research project collaborations or networks.

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Global government and regulators

We engage with the government through our association with leading industry bodies. Our employees also give advice to government bodies on a variety of issues such as aquaculture feed legislation, issues relating to food safety and general information on the aquaculture industry.

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Local communities

We aim to be a positive member of the community. Our engagement strategy is focused on supporting and attending local community events and initiatives that are in alignment with our company’s business strategy.

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