Optiline for Black tiger prawn


  • State-of-the-art nutrition
  • High performances and efficiency
  • Flexibility in formulation
  • Maximum value
  • Fast growth and low feed conversion ratio at optimal feeding frequency

Optiline is Skretting's prime grower feed for farmed prawn. Skretting's Optiline Concept delivers our global nutritional solution, taking into consideration a range of criteria to ensure the specific nutritional requirements of the species are met to gain optimal performance.

Optiline supports optimal prawn performances thanks to formulation relying on: key nutrient levels fitting shrimp requirements (under field conditions) and optimal raw materials utilisation (based on optimal inclusion level and digestibility value). In addition, feeding management must be optimised to reach the highest efficiency.

Furthermore, Optiline provides high feed quality control through our standard operating procedures and regular raw materials and feed NIR analyses.

Production stage

  • Water treatment
  • Grower