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Aerial view of a Norwegian fjord
30/05/2023 Sustainability

Skretting keeps increasing transparency in latest sustainability report

Skretting’s latest report showcases an unparalleled level of transparency compared to previous years. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the company's environmental impact, specifically revealing scope 1, 2, and 3 absolute carbon footprint, while highlighting significant achievements in line with its sustainability roadmap.

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26/04/2023 Partnerships

Skretting collaborates with WWF and Finance Earth to launch a blue finance Innovation for fisheries improvement

Today, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Finance Earth (FE), alongside leading industry partners, announced the launch of a new concept to finance the transition to more sustainable fisheries worldwide

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An illustration of feed pellets in water

Welcome to the Feed Iceberg

In the coming weeks, Skretting is proud to present The Feed Iceberg, a campaign to live up to our promise of speaking outside of the aquaculture bubble, to reach a wider audience and educate about the role that aquaculture plays in the sustainable food systems of the future.

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People standing up toasting Nutreco Klaas Puul agreement
19/01/2023 Sustainability

Klaas Puul and Skretting partner to supply sustainable shrimp to European supermarkets

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Therese Log Bergjord, CEO Skretting Jorge Diaz, Sustainability Manager Skretting
17/08/2022 Sustainability

Picking up the pace on aquaculture’s sustainability journey

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Joseph Stiglitz
11/04/2022 Events

Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz to join AquaVision 2022

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AquaVision preview
1/03/2022 Events

We are back! Welcome to AquaVision 2022

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9/02/2022 Innovation

Driving the future of innovation – introducing Skretting Aquaculture Innovation

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2/02/2022 Sustainability

Norwegian salmon delivers on deforestation free soy in Brazil

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1/10/2021 Innovation

A natural approach to feeding marine fish larvae

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Skretting Australia to expand production capacity in Tasmania

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Åshild Vestbø
17/03/2021 Digitalisation

Skretting bringing new levels of engagement to your fingertips

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