Skretting launches a new premium diet for barramundi. 

Maximise your barramundi harvest with Cosmos

Barramundi is rapidly gaining popularity in a growing number of seafood markets around the world, and to meet the rising demand for this high-quality white fish, many producers are scaling up their operations and harvests. To help them make the most of this significant opportunity, we are launching Cosmos, our new premium grower feed that is tailor-made for farmed barramundi.

Utilising Skretting’s extensive knowledge of the specific nutritional requirements and digestive capabilities of the species, Cosmos has been carefully developed over the past three years. It aims to enable producers of premium-quality barramundi to achieve optimal levels of fish performance and farm efficiency, including higher growth rates at a lower feed conversion levels.

To help them achieve these goals, the diet’s formulation offers precisely balanced digestible protein, energy, and phosphorous levels. A recent series of trials verified that Cosmos can outperform other products in the market in terms of both growth and feed conversion.

“These are very exciting times for the barramundi sector and Cosmos is a feed solution that will not only support producers looking to scale-up their operations cost-effectively, it will also help them maximise the value of their fish,” says Leiner Lache, Global Marketing Manager – Warm Water Species at Skretting.

Cosmos is a global product that will first be available in Australia, with more countries to follow.

It’s clear that the research that has gone into the product has taken Skretting’s understanding of Barramundi nutrition to the next level. We feel that Cosmos is the best performing barramundi feed available on the market today.
Justin Forrester - General Manager GFB and Coral Coast Barramundi

“Being a native species to Australia, barramundi holds a special place in our hearts. We take immense pride in introducing a high-premium product, Cosmos, tailored specifically for the barramundi market. The Skretting Australia team has worked in close collaboration with Skretting AI, to pair global R&D competencies with our local excellence to create the best possible product to support barramundi performance in optimal conditions. We are incredibly proud to launch this bespoke diet for this iconic Australian fish,” says Pinar Demir Soker, Product Manager – Warm water species at Skretting Australia.

“Our aim with Cosmos is simple yet ambitious—to empower our farmers to unlock the highest potential of their farms through a high-performing diet, ultimately supporting the sustainable development the Australian barramundi industry."

Skretting Australia has been trialling Cosmos in a commercial environment since 2022 and has seen consistent success in transferring the results from a R&D to on farm validation. One of the early adopters of Cosmos, Coral Coast Barramundi located in far north Queensland, has been impressed with performance of fish fed with Cosmos.

Justin Forrester, General Manager – Coral Coast Barramundi and Spring Creek Barramundi comments “we extensively use Cosmos on our farms and are very impressed with the significant improvements to fish performance. It’s clear that the research that has gone into the product has taken Skretting’s understanding of Barramundi nutrition to the next level. We feel that Cosmos is the best performing barramundi feed available on the market today.”

As with all Skretting diets, the raw materials selected for Cosmos follow strict quality assurance criteria, as determined by the group’s global sustainability programme. This ensures only approved feed ingredients and suppliers are used by Skretting companies, with regular audits conducted of these sources.


Skretting launches a new premium diet for barramundi: Cosmos

Maximise your barramundi harvest with Cosmos

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