Responsible sourcing

Responsible production and consumption require that we look beyond the traditional aspects of cost and quality when making purchasing decisions. At Skretting and Nutreco, we have identified the relevant sustainability issues in two supplements in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners. With ingredients contributing a large proportion of our footprint, our procurement team is focused on minimising the impact wherever possible.

Skretting operates systematic evaluation of the sustainability risks linked to primary sources of feed ingredients and manufacturers of feed ingredients. Based on the outcome of these risk assessments the combination of primary source and manufacturer of feed ingredients must be evaluated and approved before a Skretting company can buy the feed ingredient.

Transparency and trust

Our approach is to build transparency and trust among the different stakeholders that we interact with in the value chain, which is important in a world where consumers are increasingly concerned about the food they eat. Therefore, our sustainability commitment considers safeguarding human and animal health as the core, and we choose to work with partners that share our vision that responsible sourcing is not only seen from an economic point of view, but also in connection with environmental protection and social development, including human and labour rights.

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