Supporting people and communities

We believe in supporting the local communities in which we operate. This support can include helping schools, community development projects or supporting local industry by engaging in developing local feed raw material sources. We believe in empowering the people in our local operations so that they in turn can empower local communities.

Our policies and practices aim to create economic value in a way that also creates value for the local society. Many farmers in developing markets are smallholders, using basic agriculture and aquaculture methods. An important challenge in feeding a growing world population in a sustainable way is to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farming methods.

In local community development programs, we team up with local governments, NGOs, universities and other companies to share our knowledge and expertise. 

Making ponds more profitable for catfish farmers in Nigeria

Since 2015, we have partnered with Nutreco on the Catfish Sustainability Project (CSP) in Nigeria, working to enhance the production, profitability and environmental sustainability of catfish farming in the Ibadan region, while empowering small farmers to raise themselves out of poverty.

Nigeria catfish project
Vietnam kids

Giving back: Skretting Vietnam gets kids to school

Every year, Skretting Vietnam arrange a ‘Skretting gets kids to school’ programme. The team deliver gift packs to children in more than 10 farming provinces nationwide, together with local government officers, customers, teachers and pupils. The programme is not only about giving gifts and playing games but also about raising the awareness of parents and kids about the environment, with the gift packs delivered in recycled Skretting feed bags.

“This is an annual activity for Skretting Vietnam to show our commitment and support for Vietnamese farmers and the local communities,” says Van Thuy Nguyen, Skretting Vietnam Marketing and Communication Manager. “This initiative fits very well with our purpose of ‘Feeding the Future’.”

Training and employment for girls and youth in Egypt

Skretting Egypt collaborate with the Sawaris Foundation for Social Development and the embassy of the Netherlands to train and employ women and youth. At Skretting Egypt, the participants are trained on quality and laboratory analysis, production process, purchasing, sustainability and how we live our values in Skretting. The project has a key focus on encouraging girls’ rights to education and skill development.

Female worker in Egypt