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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our global product portfolio.

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Celero is a cost efficient high performance feed for large pigmented Trout. It contains the essential ingredients necessary for the growth and wellbeing of trout in the main grow out phase. 


The CLEAN diet range consists of a variety of sizes from start feeding until transfer (0.1mm to 1.8mm), formulated with highly specific raw materials for functional purposes and optimised balance for fast growth, boosting health and physical quality.

CLEAN Assist

CLEAN Assist is produced using a low temperature extrusion process which contributes to increased digestibility and thus excellent FCR. Thanks to its slow sinking properties, CLEAN Assist contributes to a more uniform population size.

Coarse Fish

A sinking feed for a variety of Coarse fish

Coarse fish diets have been developed to satisfy the demand fo an all year round performance feed suitable for most species of Coarse fish. The diet is made from the optimum mix of ingredients which ensures high feed attractiveness and balanced nutrition. This ensures that fish will consume the feed avidly and they will derive the best nutritional benefit. In addition, our Coarse Fish feeds are produced using expander technology which helps gelatinise the starches present in the diet, rendering it more digestible. This has the benefit of improving pellet water stability and reducing feed waste.

Coarse Royale

A sinking, highly palatable feed for a vairety of Coarse fish

Coarse Royale diets have been developed for those customers needing a more stable, highly palatable formulation. This diet contains elevated levels of fishmeal, along with the optimim mix of ingredients to ensure extremely high attractiveness and balanced nutrition. In addition, our Coarse Royale feeds are produced using expander technology which helps gelatinise the starches present in the diet, rendering it more digestible. This has the benefit of improving pellet water stability and reducing feed waste.

Elite FR

Complete extruded feed for Trout

Elite FR is formulated for producers requiring a lower energy feed but which will still deliver a good all-round performance and economic result. Elite FR is formulated using a mixture of fish oil and vegetable oil which makes a more sustainable


Complete Organic extruded feed for Salmonids

Emerald is designed to ensure optimal growth of Salmonids thanks to adapted proteins and digestible energy levels. High quality raw materials, carefully selected and strictly controlled, provide essential nutrients for the crucial early stage of the growth.


A highly sustainable feed for the future

Skretting's MicroBalance® concept has been fully implemented in this feed. This concept focuses on the right micronutrients to use and their optimum levels in feed which allows much more flexibility in raw material use.

Developed from raw materials selected according to our strict quality and safety criterias, and produced according to a controlled manufacturing process, the Eterna range offers all the necessary guarantees for aquaculture production.

Europa 15

Complete extruded feed for fish

The Europa 15 products are formulated with respect to the nutritionnal balances needed for fish feeding. Made with specific raw materials selected according to strict nutrtionnal and safety criterias, and processed according to very controlled
production method, Europa 15 products offer all the guaranties for a performant fish production.


A high-energy feed for excellent economy and reduced waste

Horizon provides Trout farmers with excellent growth rates and FCR's at a cost effective price. The formulation has been carefully constructed in order to reduce the production of solid wastes to the minimum compatible with the energy content of this feed. Special attention has been paid to the types and levels of vegetable proteins used which have been referenced to Skretting ARC's huge database of feed ingredients.