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6/2/2021 Sustainability

Accelerating the sustainable growth of aquaculture: concrete targets underpin Skretting’s sustainability strategy

Published today, Skretting’s Sustainability Report 2020 identifies some of the key initiatives undertaken to ensure that fish and shrimp producers can increasingly contribute to global food and nutritional security.

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5/24/2021 Investments

Skretting Australia to expand production capacity in Tasmania

Today, Nutreco’s aquaculture division Skretting announces its intention to expand its production capacity through the purchase of Ridley’s extrusion facility in Westbury, Tasmania. This is a continuation of Skretting’s long-term commitment to the Australian and New Zealand aquaculture industries.

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Xpand shrimp
5/20/2021 Products

Xpand: Skretting's gateway innovation to maximise shrimp farm performance and flexibility set to launch in Latin America

Extensive and successful local validation sees Skretting launch Xpand, the next generation of premium grower feed for shrimp.

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eniferBio team
5/6/2021 Innovation

Novel protein ingredient, Pekilo® by eniferBio, reaches Skretting ARC

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4/7/2021 Events

Skretting Chile launches third cycle of Fish Great Talks

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Åshild Vestbø
3/17/2021 Digitalisation

Skretting bringing new levels of engagement to your fingertips

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Nutreco Roadmap 2025 cover image
3/11/2021 Sustainability

Nutreco sets out bold new strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

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Vietnam groundbreaking
3/10/2021 Investments

Skretting Vietnam breaks ground on construction of new €24 million factory

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3/4/2021 Investments

Skretting invests $US6.1 million in construction of new shrimp research facility in Ecuador

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2/23/2021 Sustainability

Skretting addressing specific sustainability goals in contract with Salmones Camanchaca

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2/16/2021 Collaboration

“Nowhere to land, nowhere to sell” - SeaBOS joins seafood metacoalition to focus action on closing ports and supply chains to illegal fishing

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1/27/2021 Innovation

Skretting and Proteon Pharmaceuticals to introduce novel phage technology for aquaculture

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