Optiline for Rainbow Trout


  • The MicroBalance® concept is one of the pillars of this approach ensuring performance is maximised, whilst respecting a sustainable environmental approach

Complete extruded feed for Trout

The Optiline range integrates all of the nutritional solutions resulting from Skretting's research at our Aquaculture Research Center in Norway.

Developed from raw materials selected according to our strict quality and safety criterias, and produced according to a controlled manufacturing process, the Optiline range offers all the necessary guarantees for aquaculture production.

The Optiline range is available with Protec.

Optiline pellets are sinking or floating, available with our without astaxanthine.

The Optiline range includes several formulations depending on the farming conditions:

  • Optiline; feed formulated with a low energy level 
  • Optiline ME; feed formulated with an intermediate energy level 
  • Optiline HE; feed formulated with a high energy level 
  • Optiline HT; feed suitable for summer conditions 
  • Optiline XP; feed designed to maximise performance
  • Optiline HE RC; feed suitable for RAS
Rainbow trout