• AminoBalance®
  • MicroBalance®

An ultra high-performance feed for Trout

Ultima HS is ideal for 'fast-track' feeding of Trout and is designed for farmers looking for the very best growth rates and the lowest food conversion ratios. Ultima HS makes full use of technology allowing for a low dependency on marine ingredients, delivering a more sustainable feed.

The fundamental principle underpinning Ultima HS is our AminoBalance® concept which is the formulation of feed ingredient mixtures to exactly satisfy the fish's need for essential amino acids. In addition, detailed knowledge of the Trout's requirements for digestible protein has been implemented to ensure that each feed size meets the nutritional needs of the fish in the specific size ranges. This ensures the maximum amount of valuable dietary protein is used for muscle growth, and the least amount possible is deposited as fat, or passed through the fish as waste.

Rainbow trout