How do I order feed and how is it delivered?

How do I order feed?

Orders can be placed by phoning or emailing our Customer Service Team members:


Phone: +61 3 6216 1212

Facsimile: +61 3 6216 1233

Does Skretting Australia carry floor stock?

Skretting Australia operates on a ‘made to order’ basis. As such we do not always carry sufficient floor stock, so it is important that you order feed in a timely manner keeping in mind our manufacturing and dispatch periods described below.

When will my feed be manufactured?

Feed is manufactured within 14 days from your order being placed.

When will my feed be dispatched?

 Following the manufacturing period (14 days), feed will be dispatched within a further 7 days.

How is my feed dispatched?

Skretting Australia uses a variety of freight providers to deliver feed depending on the final destination. While every effort is made to ensure customer orders are fulfilled in a timely manner, on occasion delays can occur outside of our control.

How do I know when my feed is dispatched?

As long as you have provided us with a valid email address, our system will automatically email you the Delivery Note as the feed is dispatched. If you are not receiving this then please contact our Customer Service Team and advise your email address.

Is all of my order sent at the one time?

For orders less than a full container load (20 pallets), the feed is dispatched in one delivery unless otherwise agreed. For orders greater than a full container load, deliveries can be staggered over several days.

What is the total time it may take for my order to be received?

Feed will be dispatched up to 21 days after placement of your order, which allows for the 14 day manufacturing period and a further 7 days to dispatch. The arrival time to your farm will depend on the distance between our factory in Cambridge, Tasmania, to your farm, and the conditions under which freight providers operate.

How can I track the progress of my feed?

If you have a valid email address you will be notified automatically as feed is dispatched. Additionally our Customer Service Team members can provide you the status on your feed order and delivery by contacting them via email or phone.

When do I pay for the feed?

If you do not have an account with us, then an electronic payment is required before dispatch. There are a number of payment options available to facilitate this. Please notify our Customer Service Team how you will make payment when you place the order.

If you have an active account with approved credit terms, you will be invoiced at the time of dispatch, not when you place the order.

What can I do to ensure my feed arrives when I need it?

Keep in mind that your order will be dispatched up to 21 days after you place an order, plus the delivery time required to arrive to your farm from our factory in Cambridge, Tasmania. While delivery times will influence the arrival of your feed, as a general rule of thumb we recommend that orders are placed at least 4 weeks prior to the feed being required on your farm.