What is ethoxyquin and is it safe? 

Ethoxyquin is a very effective antioxidant that has historically been the standard for protecting fish meal and other raw materials. It is included in fish meals particular to stabilize them on transport and storage, preventing self-combustion. Antioxidants work by reacting with oxygen before it can react with the materials they are protecting. Ethoxyquin is therefore important to ensure the safety of raw materials in transport and storage, but also to preserve its nutritive value to the fish by preventing oxidative damage. The European limits for total synthetic antioxidants is 150mg/kg of feed and Skretting Australia’s feeds are well within this limit. In Australia and New Zealand, ethoxyquin is considered generally regarded as safe, GRAS

The ethoxyquin levels in Skretting's ingredients and fish feeds are continuously monitored by our internal quality management system, Nutrace®. This ensures the ethoxyquin content remains well within the mandated limits for animal feeds.  

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