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5/10/2022 Sustainability

The Feed of Today is the Food of Tomorrow: Metro Turkey achieves Premium fish success

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2/2/2022 Sustainability

Norwegian salmon delivers on deforestation free soy in Brazil

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Fish farm at sea
2/23/2021 Sustainability

Addressing specific sustainability goals in contract with Salmones Camanchaca

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2/16/2021 Collaboration

“Nowhere to land, nowhere to sell” - SeaBOS joins seafood metacoalition to focus action on closing ports and supply chains to illegal fishing

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SeaBOS graphic
12/8/2020 Sustainability

CEOs of world’s leading seafood companies commit to time-bound goals for a healthy ocean

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Earth by night satellite view
9/11/2019 Innovation

Accelerating food sustainability: FEED-X Finalists Day to take place on 17 September in London

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Feed X visual
4/25/2019 Sustainability

The FEED-X Challenge – Transforming the Global Feed Industry

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3/20/2019 Events

Uniting leaders in aquaculture

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FeedX meeting
3/7/2019 Sustainability

FEED-X project panel meet in London

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Zambia farmer
12/13/2018 Sustainability

WorldFish and Skretting sign MoU to develop aquaculture in Africa

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Nordic African Summit
11/19/2018 Events

Skretting at Nordic African business summit in Oslo

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Fish farm
10/18/2018 Collaboration

Pincoy Project recognised for its contribution to the environment at AquaSur 2018

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