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4/16/2024 Products

Giving fish what they need – launching Optiline Catfish

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Pinar Soker holding Cosmos feed
2/12/2024 Products

Introducing Cosmos, our new premium diet for Barramundi

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Farmers with Lorica fed shrimp
1/11/2024 Products

The secret to making a bestselling shrimp health feed

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12/11/2023 Products

New generation of hatchery feed – better resource utilisation and lower emissions

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Oppdrettet bergyylt i kar med fôr
12/6/2023 Products

Clean Labrus completes wrasse feed line

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6/8/2023 Shrimp

Our latest shrimp feed enables clean, simplified operations and better growth for hatcheries

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Salmonid team
12/16/2021 Products

Bigger trout, better feed intake and lower FCR: Skretting introduces Nutra Sprint & Celero

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10/1/2021 Innovation

A natural approach to feeding marine fish larvae

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Metro team with Skretting Turkey staff
6/30/2021 Sustainability

Metro, Hatko Aquaculture and Skretting partner to deliver more sustainable, tastier and healthy fish to Turkish consumers

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Marita Sirevaag holding an AquaCare bag
6/9/2021 Products

Introducing AquaCare Mineral Balance: safeguarding water quality for aquaculture productivity

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Xpand shrimp
5/20/2021 Products

Xpand: Our gateway innovation to maximise shrimp farm performance and flexibility set to launch in Latin America

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Vitalis Prima graphic
11/4/2020 Products

New marine broodstock diet from Skretting responding to hatchery needs

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