What does the future of aquaculture look like? How are new technologies and AI transforming the industry? 

#Aquavision, the world business conference in Aquaculture took place in Stavanger this year. A Skretting event hosted by Fulco van Lede, CEO of Nutreco, Therese Log Bergjord, CEO of Skretting and @Solveig van Nes, CEO and Founder of Marine Prospects.

The main themes of this year's event were sharing visions, navigating the future and expanding opportunities. 

Our MEA team SATA YEAbdallah Fathi and Jurre Zaal were on hand to connect with all stakeholders in the global aquaculture industry and provide inspiration and insight into the future of blue sustainable food. We were pleased to participate in this event with some of our long-time distributors and partners such as ArBiochem GroupSocavb Atlantic Shrimpers Limited.

A great opportunity to learn more about aquaculture in Africa and the business in other countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar and Cameroon... 

This great event gave us all the opportunity to explore the role of aquaculture as a key element for global food security, but also as a source of new opportunities on a socio-economic level...!