Catfish Fish Starter


  • Continuous high feed intake
  • High fry survival
  • Homogeneous and robust fingerlings

Fish Starter is an excellent product to support a smooth transition between the high protein and fat levels of Gemma Wean and the catfish grower diets that are lower in protein and fat.

The product can be used when fry reach 0.3g. In this period fry are often transferred from small tanks to bigger tanks, to small ponds or to hapas in big ponds. Because these events are stressful, especially to younger fish, it is important to feed a diets that focuses on high survival and excellent growth.

Gradually changing to other life stage diets will minimise the risk of sudden feed intake reduction, supporting optimal fish growth, health and high survival rates.

Fish Starter 1.8mm is a floating micropellet that will train the fry to start feeding on floating feeds during the grower stage, Fish Starter is formulated according to the Protec principles.

  • Water treatment
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle