• Complete Artemia replacer
  • High larval survival
  • Green algae protein for easy digestion

When catfish eggs hatch, the larvae rely on the yolk sac to provide the nutritional needs before they begin feeding. The larvae are vulnerable to starvation and need to feed continuously during this period.

In nature, there isn’t always a constant supply of feed and many fry will die during this first stage of life. Traditionally, in hatcheries, larvae of African catfish have been offered natural food organisms and Artemia was often the
most common choice. However, good Artemia is getting scarce and not always available in sufficient quantities and quality in Africa.

With the arrival of new generation larval diet such Gemma Wean, this has changed. Feeding this high quality starter diet provides all fry with an equal opportunity to feed, ensuring a very high survival rate.

Skretting’s Gemma Wean is a complete substitute for live feeds in hatcheries. When feeding a sophisticated manufactured feed, hatcheries are not only less dependent on live feed, but also exposed to less risk of pathogen transmission via live feed sources.

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  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • African Catfish Lifecycle