• Optimal dietary digestible protein and energy levels
  • High larval survival
  • Uniform pellet particle size and high water stability

When tilapia eggs hatch, the larvae rely on the yolk sac to provide the nutritional needs before they begin feeding. The larvae are vulnerable to starvation and need to feed continuously during this period. In nature, there isn’t always a constant supply of feed and many fry will die during this first stage of life.

In hatcheries however, sufficient amounts of high quality starter feeds can be continuously supplied. Feed production techniques allow us to produce feeds with properties that fit specific life stage needs. The slow sinking Nutra crumbles give all fry an equal opportunity to feed.

Nutra micropellet technology ensures uniform particle sizes that float, for easy capture by fingerlings, ensuring a very high survival rate and uniform growth.

In these specialised feeds, both the digestible protein and digestible energy are adjusted according to fish size. As body size increases, the percentage of digestible protein needed for optimal growth decreases along with it.

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  • Broodstock
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