• Supports against environmental stress
  • Invaluable support to shrimp’s hepatopancreas function
  • Eases bacterial impact and inhibit communication between bacteria
Functional feed for Shrimp at Nursery stage

LORICA is Skretting’s most advanced functional feed for shrimp at NURSERY stage, and is designed to strengthen the shrimp before and during environmental and bacterial challenges.


  • Shield:

a)Strengthening essential barriers
b) Functional feed ingredients 
c) Population safeguarding

  • Support:

a) Enhanced immune system
b) Safeguarding nutrients

  • Balance:

a) Withstanding threats
b) Easing bacterial impact


  • Improves the structure of the gut and hepatopancreas.
  • Enhances the immune system of shrimp.
  • Makes PL strong and active.
  • Ensures size uniformity and better survival rates.
  • Better performance in grow-out pond.

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