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Precautionary Measures for a successful Winter crop in the Southern Region of India for Shrimp Culture

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Global Values Day - Curiosity

Roshan Krishnan, Sr. Manager Technical for Skretting India, feels most connected to our value of “curiosity”

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World Food Day 2022

Celebrating World Food Day 2022 across India on October 16

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12-08-2022 Events

The value of RAS

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01-08-2022 Investments

Nutreco increases stake in India-based Eruvaka

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Shrimp farming during monsoon: Problems faced and GMP's to achieve a successful crop

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20-07-2022 Events

Huge domestic opportunity for India’s shrimp

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11-07-2022 Events

AquaVision 2022: Better collaboration is key to global security

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14-04-2022 Sustainability

Role of quality control in Aqua feeds

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20-03-2022 Sustainability

Role of Bacillus based probiotics in Aquaculture

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AquaVision preview
01-03-2022 Events

We are back! Welcome to AquaVision 2022

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18-02-2022 Sustainability

Effective feed management in shrimp farming with reference with L.Vannamei

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