• High levels of digestible proteins required by this carnivorous species.
  • Achieve fats growth while maintaining low FCR.
  • Ensures maximum digestibility, palatability and avoid any contaminant.
Complete extruded Floating Feed for Snakehead

STELLA S is a high quality floating feed range specially designed for snakehead species cultured in ponds from fingerling to harvest.


  • The diets have a high level of digestible proteins and essential amino acids following the requirements of these carnivorous species.
  • The protein to energy ratio is optimized to achieve a fast growth while maintaining a low FCR.
  • Natural Palatibility enhancers are added to stimulate feed intake and raw materials are also selected to ensure a good fish body shape.

All ingredients are purchased from sources approved by the Skretting group. Quality controls are systematically performed to ensure maximum digestibility, palatability and avoid any contaminant.

Snake head feed

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Suitable for

  • Broodstock
  • African Catfish Lifecycle
  • Nursery
  • Grower