• Highly Digestible Diet
  • Innovative Feed Solution
  • Natural Functional Ingredients
  • Protection against Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Sophisticated Production Process
Micro Nutrition for Shrimp Larvae and Post-Larvae

WHITE TIGER is the new high quality shrimp feed from Skretting which has been designed to offer an advanced nutrition to larvae and post-larvae.


  • White Tiger diet is engineered to offer advanced nutrition to shrimp hatcheries.
  • Each micro particle is carefully designed, to offer a stable and nutritious platform while the low temperature production process ensures a soft, fresh and highly attractive particle.
  • Promotes natural functional ingredients that together assist with digestion, stabilizing gut pH and support the optimal well-being of shrimp larvae.
  • Improvements to overall shrimp health help to shield the shrimp from environmental impacts.
  • The concept of fortified immune system reduces the epidemic potential of an infection outbreak.
  • A dry diet with gradual hydration and effective dispersion, ensuring maximum consumption.

White Tiger is available in 5 particle sizes according to the size of the larva and postlarva.

White tiger shrimp feed

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Suitable for

  • Water treatment
  • Broodstock
  • Hatchery
  • Nursery
  • Grower
  • Health care
Shrimp underwater, on a sandy bottom

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