• Low-Medium energy diet for warm water species such as Hybrid Striped Bass and Barramundi
  • Utilizes a wide range of protein sources to ensure correct mix of amino acids
  • Carbohydrates are carefully monitored and controlled to ensure fish health

Nova LE is a low-medium energy, floating feed formulated specifically for warm water species such as hybrid striped bass and barramundi. Nova LE utilizes a wide range of protein sources combined to ensure the correct mix of essential amino acids and micronutrients. As small fish have a higher requirement for protein, the protein content is highest in the small pellets and decreases with increasing pellet and fish size. As protein content decreases, the oil content in Nova LE increases, thus ensuring that the digestible energy content is maintained across all pellet sizes, helping to ensure excellent growth and FCR.

  • For excellent growth and FCR performance in hybrid striped bass
  • Nova LE is produced as a floating pellet
  • For a higher energy, floating diet, choose Nova OP