What really goes into producing feed?

From sustainable raw materials to high-performance nutritional solutions

The production of fish and shrimp feed is an intricate matter. Strict criteria regulate the physical quality of the pellets, and sophisticated process equipment is needed. Raw material procurement is a big cost driver, so a significant part of the feed production research aims to increase both raw material flexibility and functionality.

Every improvement in product technology can lead to better quality, increased efficiency and a more sustainable process. Skretting produces more than 2.5 million tonnes of feed each year, which means that even small improvements can add up to big numbers. 

Creating the best recipe formulation

Precise calculations of the protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral content of all our ingredients enables us to formulate feeds that fulfil the nutritional needs of each species and the life phase for which they are intended. This ensures they achieve optimum health and growth performance, and also meet the specific requirements of each customer. 

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Selecting the right raw materials

We go to great lengths to ensure that all the ingredients used in our feeds come from responsibly managed sources. Each raw material undergoes a comprehensive evaluation and approval process before being transported to our plants.

Responsible sourcing

Our production process

Using sophisticated processing systems and technical expertise, different ingredients are ground to precise particle sizes and then mixed according to each diet’s very specific formula. Water is added to make a paste and this mixture then undergoes an extrusion process. We produce a range of feed sizes, from under 1mm to over 20mm. Next, the pellet is dried and oil is applied. All finished feeds are carefully evaluated in our laboratories and must be approved before packaged and transported to our customer.

Outbound logistics

From our feed plants, the finished products are loaded on to boats or trucks and then transported to our customers in bags or through bulk delivery. Sophisticated multi-modal transport systems are in place to ensure that the right feeds arrive directly at customers’ farms according to expectations.

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Because customer satisfaction is one of our primary aims, we conduct thorough post-sale evaluations to ensure all of our products consistently meet expectation. Combining biology, quality and economics, our innovative AquaSim management tools help farmers optimise production and further calculate expected performance.

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