Ethics & compliance

Transparency and trust is essential in relation to what we deliver, but also to how we deliver. Our Ethics & Compliance (E&C) program is designed to ensure that the “how” is as trustworthy as the “what”. With its continuous development and active implementation, our E&C program ensures that we operate in accordance with applicable laws and our internal policies and standards.

Skretting innovation team

Code of Conduct for Employees

We believe that there is only one way to business and that is the right way. Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of how we do business. Our employees around the world abide by our high standards ensuring that we operate in an ethical and sustainable way as we deliver on our purpose of ‘Feeding the Future’.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

We recognise that our mission can only be achieved with the cooperation of our business partners. Therefore, we have developed a Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which enables us to engage with our Business Partners on sustainability, compliance and integrity issues. We will only conduct business with companies or individuals that comply with the standards set out in our Business Partner Code of Conduct.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible production and consumption require that we look beyond the traditional aspects of cost and quality when making purchasing decisions. At Skretting and Nutreco, we have identified the relevant sustainability issues in our Business Partner Code of Conduct. With ingredients contributing a large proportion of our footprint, our procurement team is focused on minimising the impact wherever possible

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