• Improved Feed intake for Trout with higher water temperatures
  • Improved FCR and Growth

When water temperatures rise above 60 0F (15.5 0C) trout often reduce feed intake, resulting in a higher feed conversion rate and loss of valuable growth. The net result is an increase in your cost of production. Skretting ARC has identified specific functional ingredients which help maintain a trout’s feed intake as water temperatures rise above 60 0F (15.5 0C), and therefore improve your fish’s growth and FCR.

  • When your fish are temperature stressed, give them the best, use Oncor HT
  • MicroBalance™ for the most sustainable and economic feed available
  • Helps maintain feed intake during periods of elevated temperatures
  • Available as a floating pellet in 40 lb. bags and 2000 lb. bulk bag
Rainbow trout