• Designed specifically for Recirculating systems
  • Contains fecal binder to help control waste

Oncor RC is a medium-energy, sinking diet suitable for Trout and Steelhead. Oncor RC includes patented functional ingredients that bind up feces, making it the ideal choice for recirculation systems. The functional ingredients help to increase the particle size of feces, allowing mechanical filters to better remove solid waste and thus reduce fecal nutrient leaching.

The nutritional specifications of Oncor RC match the fish’s requirements as they grow. Protein content decreases and oil content increases as pellet size increases. The result is a diet that provides for excellent growth and FCRs. Oncor RC utilizes the latest MicroBalance™ concept to allow maximum flexibility in raw material sources and provides the most sustainable and economic feed solution available today. MicroBalance™ means that essential micronutrients found in fish meal can now be sourced from alternative raw materials, thus reducing the requirement for fish meal without impacting fish performance or health.

  • A medium-energy diet which ensures excellent growth and FCRs.
  • RecircReady (RC) means that the diet is designed specifically for recirculation systems.
  • RC increases fecal particle size.
  • RC binds feces, leading to more efficient mechanical filtration.
Rainbow trout